Marutamachi Kushiyaki Izakaya is also open for lunch

This is a skewered izakaya with charcoal-grilled chicken dishes

A reasonable Izakaya / Charcoal Romanya Gosho Minami in Marutamachi is conveniently located near the nearest station so that you can enjoy it until the last train. We are focusing on reasonable pricing and an all-you-can-drink menu so that you can enjoy your time slowly.
Charcoal-grilled chicken menu and delicious vegetable dishes are popular, and it is popular as a restaurant that can be used regardless of the scene at banquets and important date times. We try to have a relaxing time in a homely atmosphere, so please come to the store when you visit nearby.


There is also a dessert menu at Marutamachi Tavern

We offer sweetness recommended for sweets lovers


You can also choose your favorite local beer

You can enjoy the taste of Kyoto with local cuisine


We will tell you about the latest topics from shops near Kyoto Imperial Palace

There is information on the ear such as seasonal limited menu


It is a shop near a tourist attraction in 1 minute walk from a subway station


Store name

Vegetables and vegetables Charcoal-roasted grilled house Gosho Minami store

Street address

Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Nakagyo-ku Shoshoimachi Sikataonsville BF

phone number
business hours

11:30 to 3:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


中村 成男




The tavern in Marutamachi is a convenient store close to the station. A well-established menu including Yakitori and creative dishes has won a reputation in the word of mouth, and it has been highly praised by the many repeaters who visit us many times. We have prepared an all-you-can-drink banquet course and post detailed access information for those who would like to come to the store, so please have a look.

About us

The bar in Marutamachi is a relaxing space created by a large store

Please spend a peaceful time in the tavern just off Marutamachi Station

Close to the nearest subway station and tourist attractions, it is a shop of the station Chika that is easy to visit even if you are not familiar with the land. We are looking forward to serving you delicious dishes, including charcoal-grilled yakitori. As well as at night, we also have lunch on weekdays, so you can have a delicious lunch without having to wait in a large store that is available to many customers. Savor your cuisine as a soothing dish and use it as a daytime vitality.
It is open until late at night, so you can enjoy it until the end of the last train. We offer a wide variety of wines tailored to our specialty charcoal dishes as well as local sake and local dishes unique to Kyoto, so try a combination of different ingredients and try your favorite matching Please make it. We have enhanced the sweets menu and worked on many things to make sure you're not bothered by the sweet potato. As a reasonable store that can be used for dating as well as banquets, we have many regular customers repeat. Please come and spend a nice time in a comfortable space.

Spend a nice time at a hideaway-style izakaya near Marutamachi Station

Kushiyaki Izakaya near the Imperial Palace in Kyoto is a popular restaurant for fresh vegetable dishes and chicken dishes made with charcoal fire. Not only the taste but also the location where it is difficult to get lost immediately from the station, it is convenient for meeting and gathering at the store, so it has a track record of being used for banquets and date scenes. A lot of repeat customers love it as a convenient shop. Make seasonal menus to give customers a fresh impression, prepare local sake that conveys the charm of Kyoto to tourists who visit many shops, and incorporate local local dishes into the menu We are waiting for customers to come to our store.
The full sweets menu can be enjoyed not only by female customers but also by men of hidden sweets fans. We also offer surprise productions that are tailored to events such as anniversaries, so you can make plans according to your wishes. The course content can be customized, so please bring your wishes and help you with your time.